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We develop electronic solutions to fit the products, using cutting edge technology. We have several different microprocessors and drivers at our disposal: 8 bits to 32-bit signal processors without forgetting FPGA logic circuits.


A natural part of our electronic device design process is to consider, and if required, to plan its essential software and mechanical components. Product development at Exéns is based on ease and flexibility of manufacture: together with our partners we ensure our products will be fitted in for assembly wherever and whenever necessary.




Today, software is a crucial part of the embedded device; user interfaces and communication protocols are typically controlled by software. To make sure the electronics and software are compatible, we develop them together – and so the software really suits its product.

Our broad software range includes the smallest micro controller applications as well as RTOS Windows CE and Linux environments. We use application tools to develop user interfaces, such as Nokia’s cross-platform application, the Qt development environment. We keep abreast of the latest developments in PC and LabView applications as required by the end product.

In addition to device software we also create user interface and testing software for product needs.



Due to the versatility of our customer base we offer a wide range of mechanical engineering for different applications. Our specialism is precision mechanics and mechatronics. Measurement, analyser and electronic equipment mechanics also form a natural part of our service.


Our mechanical design approach is comprehensive, from the concept, development, prototype manufacture, testing, through to productising and documentation. Our expertise lies in our in depth knowledge of traditional and leading edge production methods.


We use SolidWorks 3D design software in design.


PROTOtypes and poc models


The success in product development work is ensured thanks to the construction, assembly and testing of prototypes and POC (proof of concept) models, which also provide valuable, initial indications of product usability and functionality in practice.


We produce product prototypes ourselves or by using our global network of partners. Together with our comprehensive network we are able to produce both mock-ups and functional prototypes. We also find the most suitable manufacturing methods and partners to manufacture the actual product.






TESTing and validation


Globally marketed products are expected to fulfil a number of regulations and standards. EMC performance evaluation during the product development and validation process is just one example of the seamlessly linked development process services we provide.


If required we will also provide the testing and systems needed during production to guarantee product quality and manufacture-friendliness.



We make sure that it is possible to manufacture and maintain products developed by us - high quality documentation is our way of life. We plan the manufacturability and testability of the product in cooperation and with one eye on a suitable partner - guaranteeing that the documentation will work at an early stage of the product development process.


We also take charge of arranging a product manufacture so that you will receive the tested product in a ready package.

support services


Many products require extra services; the manufacture of a developed product, training, commissioning, spare parts service and maintenance. We offer all these services in cooperation with our partners - together we will always be able to deliver what you require.